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We are very excited to be back in St. Louis in Summer 2018 for one of our camps


WHO: High School Journalism Students and Advisers
WHAT: Four-Day Digital Media Bootcamp to Improve Your Skills
WHERE: St. Louis, MO
WHEN: Summer 2018

REGISTRATION COST: The registration fee includes food, lab fees and a sweet t-shirt. Registration fees are below:

  • $300 Early Bird (through April 1, 2018)
  • $350 Regular Open Registration (April 2-June 1, 2018)
  • $400 Late Fee (After June 2, 2018)


  • $100 Housing (on campus residence hall)

Check out our 2017 camp at the University of Missouri!



Students have the opportunity to apply for a full-ride scholarship to camp by submitting an essay to the university advisory panel for consideration during our open application dates. If you already paid your registration fee, you are still eligible for the scholarship and will receive a refund if your essay is selected.
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Camp Schedule

The Media Now experience is jam-packed with hands-on learning, fun, and new media experiences. We will create an environment for you to make sweet summer memories, expand your journalism skills and give you the opportunity to meet and learn from some passionate journalists such as yourself.
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Housing Details

Campers are given the option to stay with us on-campus for an additional fee. Each room has two beds, desks, closet space and WiFi access. The lounges have WiFi, a TV, comfy furniture, gaming activities and a kitchenette. Roommates can be requested at the time of registration by the camper or by the direction of their adviser.
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There are multiple ways to get to campus. Let us know if you need help organizing transportation to and from camp.

Media Now St. Louis
Suggested Class Listing

Push your design, writing, photography, leadership, web and multimedia skills to the limit with our highly interactive instruction. Specific work time is set aside that will allow you to learn and apply immediately. Our seasoned instructors will give you the edge needed to make your publications excel in the coming school year.

Class listing reflects 2017 courses and instructors, check back for an updated listing

Writing Essentials

Instructor: Jim Streisel

Geared toward new reporters, we are excited to bring you a writing course designed to teach you how to find, capture, write, edit and produce a story within a the short timeframe that is required of today’s digital media journalists. Our focus is on quality. Anyone can rip out a story, but to get quality sources, solid facts, strong leads, gripping headlines and to consider all supporting elements of the story of whether to include photos, video, audio, infographics or sidebars, is a what we know our Media Now students are capable of. You’ll cover news briefs, updates and breaking news along with the “now” media requirements of crafting an informative, compelling tweet, facebook status updates, Instagram or Pinterest needs, while noting how, when and where to post to encourage discussion and dialogue. If you’re ready for training Media Now boot camp style, bring your A-game because this writing class will challenge you and make you a stronger journalist all around.

Writing Advanced

Instructor: Ken Fuson

Already have a comfortable grasp on interviewing, writing and editing? Look to take your writing to the next level with award-winning journalist Ken Fuson. This class is for writers who feel comfortable with the foundations of journalist writing and are looking to expand the skill sets in their reporting toolbox. The class will focus specifically on narrative storytelling and its power to engage readers. If you haven’t read “A Stage in Their Lives,” Fuson’s 6-chapter award-winning narrative about a high school musical production, you should go do that now. You’ll likely want to sign up for this class shortly after.

Sports Reporting

Instructor: Ted Bryant

Our sports writing course brings together writing, social media and video. You'll get guidance on how to conduct interviews, cover live events, write effective briefs, game previews, personal profiles and recaps. Dive into some of the best sports reporting available to uncover what tips and techniques were used that you can apply to your own coverage. You'll also get a chance to practice these new found skills and conduct Q&A sessions with practicing sports reporters.

Photo Essentials

Instructors: Gary Hairlson & Neil Ralston

This will be a great class for those looking to understand a digital SLR camera better. Campers will work to get hands-on training with their cameras, learning how to effectively use shutter speed, aperture and ISO in addition to turning well-composed photos into great ones! There will also be some work with Photoshop, photo galleries and digital photo organization. Participants will need to bring a DSLR to this workshop.

Photo Advanced

Instructors: Odell Mitchell Jr.

This advanced course is geared to those who have a handle on using a DSLR and understand how to use Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and are looking to explore photojournalism more deeply. Participants in this class will be working more on technique and less on physical parts of the camera. They will be working to understand what a good moment is and ways to tell stories with their photos. Class participants will learn how to cover events like a photojournalist would. Participants will need to bring a camera to this workshop.


Instructors: Sarah Nichols

Geared toward all types and sizes of yearbook programs, this track will help students take important next steps for successful yearbook production. While moving forward with verbal and visual elements to develop the book’s concept, participants also will plan coverage strategies and activities for building a positive, student-centered staff culture. We also will explore ways your staff can share online content and use social media tools effectively to engage readers and expand the yearbook experience. In a hands-on, interactive environment, this track will help you plan a yearbook your students are excited to buy and your staff is excited to produce. For this class, it’s most beneficial to sign up in groups of 2 or more from your school with a max of 5 from any one school. Seating is limited to the first 9 schools that register.

Design Essentials

Instructors: Carlos Ayulo & Chris Snider

Know just a little bit about InDesign but you’d like to know more? Maybe you don’t know InDesign at all but know you will need to next school year? This class is for you. We plan to get you up to speed on the premiere desktop publishing program Adobe offers and that student newsrooms around the country are using. We will start with the basics and make sure you get comfortable with the tools you will need to know next year. After that, we’ll go beyond the basics and show you some of the more advanced tools that will make your job on staff easier and your pages look even better. The plan for this course is to assess students once on-site to be able to offer the appropriate level of design challenges and growth opportunities for each attendee. This class will go beyond InDesign as well. We’ll talk about everything from what it takes to have a well-designed page to the importance of a style guide. You may come in feeling like you don’t know much about InDesign, but you’ll leave the class ready to take on the new school year and anything thrown at you. Heck, you’ll probably be ready to teach your own InDesign lessons once you get back to school.

Design Advanced

Instructors: Carlos Ayulo & Chris Snider

In the Advanced Design course you will expand upon your basic knowledge of InDesign, expose you to the powerful capabilities of Adobe Illustrator and put into action tips and techniques of building effective page designs and infographics. You'll explore typography, explore ways to display data in an engaging manner and design for print and digital platforms. When signing up, we'll have you submit your current clips or publications along with your desired outcomes from the course so we can customize the experience for you in reaching those goals. To take this course you must be proficient in Adobe InDesign.

Editorial Leadership

Instructors: Mitch Eden

The favored Editorial Leadership classes are back and ready to reinvent the way you see your digital newsroom and yourself as a leader in it. We will be offering two sections, one for Editors-in-Chief and a separate one for Section Editors. Students in each course will learn how to run that growing and changing digital newsroom. Plug into this editor/leader development track and gain skills to manage today’s digital newsroom with exposure to new tools that will help infuse the news and information into coverage and workflow. Leave with a knowledge and structure for your own newsroom or section along with at least two practical and applicable digital media elements to implement for the upcoming school year.

Web - SNO Site

Instructor: Jason Wallestad

This web publishing class for SNO customers will be an opportunity to work directly with members of the SNO team to explore the design options that exist within the SNO FLEX theme and to learn about all the possibilities in SNO’s four story page templates. We’ll discuss strategies and tools for managing your online workflow, and we’ll take an in-depth look at online publishing standards and discuss how your coverage and content can be shaped by the exciting world of online publishing. This class is for SNO customers. If you are not a current SNO customer, this is a great time to sign on and join them at camp to get the training you need for a great site from day one. You can find more information out about SNO and the services they provide here.

Video Storytelling & Editing - Essentials

Instructor: Matt Rasgorshek

In four days you will learn basic and advanced techniques of video storytelling, then go into the field to gather a story of your own. This means you will shoot, write, edit, export, post and share your work. The pace will be fast, with plenty of challenges along the way, but you will be a better storyteller when the work is done.

Video Storytelling & Editing- Advanced

Instructor: Rachelle Peck

In four days you will learn the advanced techniques of video storytelling, then go into the field to gather a story of your own. You will work to get comfortable with stand ups, learn how to be more creative with your shots, and become better at gathering strong audio. In addition, you'll gain tips on writing for video as well as writing to promote your work on social media and the web.

Branding in Action (Advertising & PR)

Instructor: Marina Hendricks

This course spans public relations, advertising and marketing offering personal brand building, defining your publication's brand and communication strategy. Promote your publication to your readers, elevate your community presence and build your program through strong branding and 360-marketing. We are excited to offer this workshop for the second year at Media Now and think it’s an essential course for any publication program in 2017, as well as anyone considering the Public Relations, Marketing or Advertising fields in college. Students in this class will be exposed to all three strategic communication areas and emphasis will be given on how best to utilize these areas in a scholastic newsroom. Students will hear from guest speakers in the field, take field trips to a PR firm and Advertising Agency and work on a final project in area of their choice that they will be able to use back on their high school staff.

Social Media Strategy

Instructors: Erica Smith

You know how to use social media. It's time to learn how to move past simply posting to getting followers to take action and engage. In this class, you'll learn how to increase your publication's audience and engagement across all channels; how to write smart, sharp and conversational social copy that defines and reflects your publication's unique voice; how to manage your accounts and the content you're distributing; how to identify the videos, stories and photos that will succeed on social; and how to analyze social data and inform others of your successes. There will be GIFs. There will be Snaps. There will be live video. It's fast-paced and social-media active. Be ready.

Advising Publications

Instructor: Aaron Manfull

We are looking forward to offer this class at Media Now. The class will be led by Aaron Manfull of Francis Howell North in St. Charles, MO and give advisers an overview of advising publications in 2017. We will discuss everything from grading and staff organization to advertising and content generation. While Manfull will be the lead instructor for this course, those advisers electing to take this workshop will have the opportunity to interact with many of the other camp instructors as they will be visiting the class to speak on topics ranging from graphic design to videography. Our goal for this class is to send advisers away with a grasp on effectively managing and converging their digital and print newsrooms. The class will be a balanced blend of instruction and group discussion and will be targeted to broadcast, web, newspaper and yearbook advisers. This course is meant to be more of a survey course to give advisers a taste of each of the areas they’ll likely be working with in their converged newsroom. If instructors would like a little more focused direction in one specific area (such as videography), they are encouraged to enroll in one of the other classes for the duration of their time at Media Now.

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