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Advising Publications


Looking for a little spark to get fired up for the school year ahead? Wanting to find a few new ways to make your systems more efficient? Come join veteran adviser Aaron Manfull at Media Now in this class just for advisers. Manfull has advised yearbook, newspaper, broadcast, web, literary magazine and even a sports staff at the high school level. He’s even advised middle school newspaper and yearbook. While Aaron will work to help each adviser with whatever their specific needs may be, the class will focus on five things:

  • Developing plans for organized intro classes and staff hours

  • Making grading easier

  • Using AI effectively in the classroom

  • Exploring ways to help fund newsroom tools, equipment and experiences for your students

  • Recruiting to build and maintain programs

Don’t forget, if advisers have 5 students attending camp, they get $200 off their adviser registration fee! If you would like more information from Aaron about the class, feel free to reach out to him at [email protected]. You can also find answers to many frequently asked questions on our page here just for advisers.