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Advising Publications


The class will be led by Aaron Manfull of Francis Howell North in St. Charles, MO, and give advisers an overview of advising publications and organizing newsrooms today. We will discuss everything from editorial policies and staff organization to introductory journalism courses and training editors. Our goal for this class is to send advisers away with a grasp on effectively managing their journalism classroom. This course is meant to be more of a survey course to give advisers a taste of each of the areas they’ll likely be working on in a converged newsroom. This is great for experienced advisers looking to make changes or improvements in their programs with dedicated and guided time in the summer to focus on those adjustments. This is also perfect for new advisers looking to get an understanding of systems and plans to put in place early to help set your program up for success. Programs of all sizes can benefit from this class. If advisers would like a little more focused direction in one specific area (such as videography, for example), they are encouraged to enroll in one of the other Media Now courses.