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We are excited to be back in person for the summer of 2022 and still offer an online option for our advisers and students across the globe who joined us in the digital space these past two summers. We remain true to our promise to our student journalists – we will provide high-quality journalistic training in the most accessible and affordable way. 

We anticipate having another highly motivated group of 250+ high school journalists and advisers from more than 40 different schools across the country come together this summer for Media Now. With our online format, the travel restrictions are lifted, the access is more widely available and we know it creates opportunity for students around the world to participate. We continue to see that number grow for online engagement as well with our year-round on demand materials.

While we work hard to keep costs down for our campers, there are still many students under financial stress that may keep them from attending. We encourage camper sponsorship to help ease this stress. You’ll see the various options below. Each gift is greatly appreciated and given based on needs and desire to attend. You can give anonymously or, if preferred, a business or publication name can be added to the camp materials at the various levels.

Please send any questions about becoming a sponsor to co-director, Kate Manfull ([email protected]). Thank you for your generosity in advance.

Shout Out to Our Sponsors

We give a huge shout out to Drake University for making Media Now Online possible for 2020 and 2021. They have and will continue to be our champion sponsor even in the current climate of social distancing and global responsibility. Thank you Drake University School of Journalism for your continued support. We're excited to be BACK in person with you in 2022.