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Media Now Digital Media Summer Camp for High school Journalists

Intense training for high school journalism students ready to take their digital media skills to the next level.

“My favorite part was all of the new exposure and motivation I got with using web and social media as branding. I also met a bunch of really nice people, and all of the staff were super great and funny.”

Grace Y.

2016 Media Now Camper

“I would recommend it because it’s a way to get some insight from many different professionals and learn skills that you can transfer to your own publication. It will get you connections and overall make you a better staff member.”

Lucy W.

2016 Media Now Camper

“I would recommend this camp because it changed my life and my writing skills changed so drastically from last year. I want everyone to experience this.”

Shwetha S.

2016 Media Now Camper


Drake Map & Camp Schedule

DAY 1 · Sunday, July 9 Noon – 1:45pm All Camper Check-in • Goodwin-Kirk Hall 2:01pm Opening, Keynote • Olmsted Center, Pomerantz Stage 3:05pm Classroom Sessions 5:30pm Dinner • Hubbell Dining Hall 6:30pm Classroom sessions 8:00pm Large Group Activity  • Olmsted...

How to Check-In at Media Now Drake

We’re just FOUR WEEKS away from Media Now Drake and there are just a few things to note about your arrival to camp on Sunday, July 9. Check-In:  Eat Lunch BEFORE you check in. (Lunch is not included for our camp on Sunday) Check-In runs from Noon – 1:30 p.m. at...

Mizzou Map & Camp Schedule

DAY 1 · Friday, June 23 Noon – 1:45pm All Camper Check-in • Gateway Hall 2:01pm Opening, Keynote •(A&S) Allen Auditorium 3:15pm Classroom Sessions 5:00 – 6:00pm Dinner • Plaza 900 Dining Hall 6:15pm Classroom sessions 8:30pm Closing & Large Group Activity •...

Media Now Mizzou Bus Transportation

We are looking forward to seeing you all at camp NEXT WEEK on the campus of Mizzou in Columbia, Missouri! If you paid for bus transportation, here are the details you’ll need to make sure you arrive at camp on time. If you don’t see your name listed, send...

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