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Media Now Digital Media Summer Camp for High school Journalists

Intense training for high school journalism students ready to take their digital media skills to the next level.

“My favorite part was all of the new exposure and motivation I got with using web and social media as branding. I also met a bunch of really nice people, and all of the staff were super great and funny.”

Grace Y.

2016 Media Now Camper

“I would recommend it because it’s a way to get some insight from many different professionals and learn skills that you can transfer to your own publication. It will get you connections and overall make you a better staff member.”

Lucy W.

2016 Media Now Camper

“I would recommend this camp because it changed my life and my writing skills changed so drastically from last year. I want everyone to experience this.”

Shwetha S.

2016 Media Now Camper


Critique Night Recap

Thanks to the St. Louis Post Dispatch for sending top notch journalists, Beth O’Malley (@PDBeth),  Josh Renaud (@Kirkman), David Carson (@PDPJ), Christopher Ave (@ChristopherAve) and Lynden Steele (@ManofSteele) to sit down with local High School digital media...

Scholarships: Proofreading is for Winners

If you’re looking for a way to get to camp and being awarded a scholarship would be of great help in making that a reality, we encourage you to apply.  Just as you would with your publication work, we have a few tips on how to put the polish on your essay. Although we...

Do you have the guts?

Seeking feedback on your work is the best way to polish your skills. To be a journalist or a creator of of any kind, you need to be confident in your abilities, yet willing to take criticism. It’s what you do with that criticism that proves you’re in it to win it. Can...

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