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Photography Essentials


Whether you’re new to photography completely, looking to take your skills to a more advanced level or eager to understand why some shots turn out better than others, this class will meet your basic photography needs. Participants will get hands-on training with their cameras — whether it’s a fancy DSLR, a smartphone camera or anything in between. We’ll learn about exposure based on shutter speed, aperture and ISO while turning good photos into great ones. We’ll also learn composition techniques and experiment with angles and distances to practice journalistic storytelling as well as artistic, creative shoots, and at the same time we’ll make sure everyone understands the photo ethics involved when shooting, cropping and publishing photos for your audience. The course includes practice activities for any experience level and camera type, including how to edit those images with free tools online. Photographers will learn best practices for how to share photos on social media, collaborate with others in your media program (in person or remotely) and manage files for maximum efficiency. Field work and field trips are both a part of this course.