Recent News Media Now Drake Housing Details



Posted June 10, 2019

Looking for the low down on housing for Media Now at Drake University? We’ve got you covered!

There will be 2 people sharing one room with private bathrooms on each floor. Each room has 2 beds (one bed for each person), desks and closet space. The lounges have WiFi and comfy furniture. Your room will have WiFi as well. Your breakfast (along with lunch and dinner) will be at a campus dining hall. Your camp name tag gets you in. The only meals NOT included are lunch before camp officially begins and lunch after the awards ceremony on the final day.


  • Bedding (twin sheet, blanket and pillow)
  • Personal toiletries
  • Linens (Towels, etc)
  • Casual clothes including comfortable walking shoes
  • Water-Friendly Clothes or clothes you’re willing to get a little messy
  • Laptops (if available)
  • Cameras (if available)
  • Cell Phones
  • Charging Cables
  • Medicines/Prescriptions
  • Headphones

Dorm check-in is from noon – 1:45 p.m. Opening Session begins at 2:01 p.m. There is no lunch provided for the first day, so please eat before check in.

Dorm check out will be by 1:00 p.m. on the last day of camp. Camp sessions end before noon that day. No Lunch will be provided.


Questions? Ping Kate ([email protected]), Rebecca ([email protected]) or call/text 314-252-8816.