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Media Now Minis

9 Media Now Minis by Drake University

Mini-lessons for our journalism newsroom presented for free by the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Drake University.

What you’ll get:

Media Now and Drake University are offering 9 free mini-lessons for students and advisers. Each will be around 15 minutes long and either have a handout to go along with or “next step” instructions within the video themselves.

Topics Include:

  1. Taking Your Cellphone Portraits to the Next Level
  2. Crisis Communication
  3. 5 Tips for Better Writing
  4. Hands-Off Editing: Put Down the Red Pen
  5. Fun with Adobe After Effects
  6. Improving your Social Media with Native Content
  7. Tips for Shooting Better Video with Your Cell Phone
  8. Better Design Through C.R.A.P.
  9. Using Research to Strengthen Your Publication