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We’re so excited you’ll be joining us this summer. Check out the course offerings at the respective camp locations – Media Now Webster or Media Now Drake. When ready, register below by selecting your camp and course(s). You will recieve a confirmation email at payment completion. This email will contain all of your selections and registration details.

If you have any questions as you go through the registration process, feel free to email us at info@medianow.press or call/text 314-252-8816.

Adviser Prepay Option

Advisers looking to prepay for a group of students, must first complete the prepay form here. You will be provided registration codes for each of your students to then use in completing their camper registration.


What you can’t find in our FAQ section, you can drop a quick line to Kate Manfull at kate@medianow.press or feel free to call/text the Media Now team at 314-252-8816.

Note for Advisers

If you are an adviser who would like to prepay for campers and not register yourself, please complete the form HERE ›