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Scholarship Opportunities

Application Closed for 2018:

Thank you for your interest in a scholarship to Media Now, the application will open soon for the 2019 season. Essays will be due by April 30, 2019.

How to Apply:

Students have the opportunity to apply for a full-ride scholarship to camp (with housing if requested) by writing a 250 – 300 word essay explaining how the skills they hope to acquire from attending Media Now summer camp will further their current high school publication staff experience, why the scholarship is needed and how they may use these skills in the future, journalism or non. The essay should also include how your financial needs may keep you from attending. Up to three scholarships will be awarded for each camp location as selected by the University advisory panel.

If you already paid your registration fee, you are still eligible and will receive a refund if your essay is selected. All campers applying for a scholarship must also register and save their spot.