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Running the social media accounts for your school is more than just posting a photo here and there, and you know that. Social Media management for your school publication takes planning, strategy, creative thinking and ability to execute from writing and photography to video and audio stories. In this class, you’ll determine what channels you should be on to best reach your audience, what information engages them most and how to plan for and execute against a content calendar to be consistent and successful. You’ll look at the analytics and how those numbers can help you decide on what to post more of or what to not put effort into. Overall, in the social media class you will have time to learn, plan and prepare for the school year ahead with a social media management plan that fits your school, your staff and your goals in the new year. This class includes fieldwork and field trips. You’ll be able to add pieces of your work to your portfolio and/or to your plans as you head into the next school year.