Join us right here at MediaNow.Press this summer for an online experience, where students and advisers choose a single-track to immerse themselves in for the four days they are with us. Participate in hands-on projects and exchange ideas and project work with other classmates.

You will NOT be online all day, every day, but rather have course material via video that you can work through on your own. We set certain live times for feedback and conversation throughout the week, but the rest of the time – it’s up to you!

It’s an awesome opportunity to deep dive into that area of interest and hone your skills. No matter what level you arrive with, we’ll push you, encourage and train you to move to the next.

Your All-Access Pass

Get the Multi-Course Newsroom Bundle for just $199. Individual class can also be purchased for $49/each.

Online Courses

Each class will have bonus materials added for smaller specialty insights and instruction accessible to you whether you attend live or for playback.