Recent News Media Now Mizzou – Food


Posted June 6, 2017

So what’s the story on the grub?  You. Will. Not. Go. Hungry.

At check-in specifically for Media Now Mizzou, you will receive a name tag with key cards for your rooms. This same room key is your meal card. You can swipe that in the dining hall starting at dinner on Friday evening through breakfast on Monday morning. All of these meals are included WITH your registration.

The dining hall has various stations to choose from. You can build a sandwich, make a salad, pile on the pizza, make a unique pasta or stir fry dish. There’s something for everyone – and you can have something different every day!

We will also have snacks throughout camp. IF you need additional snacks, feel free to bring your own or you may purchase them from vending machines throughout campus. Just note, your meal cards won’t work outside of the dining hall.