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Check out the videos below or run through this quick guide to help make registration a breeze. The system itself is pretty slick. You can go back at a different time and make adjustments to your profile, sign up a student if you’re a parent, or as an adviser, sign up multiple students and allow them to go in and fill out their course details on their own.

As always, if you have any questions or issues with the process, we’re here! Email ([email protected]) or call us (314-252-8816) and we’ll help you out.


Webster University in St. Louis or Drake University in Des Moines

  1. Select “Myself” AND “Student or Adviser” from the dropdown menu.
    Note: If you are an adviser who is registering a group of students you can select “SOMEONE ELSE (under their email)” which will allow you to create several profiles for the students that they can then edit themselves.
  2. Complete your personal information (name, address, phone and birthdate)
    Note: This will be your login information to make changes, payments or view your registration later.
  3. Complete the additional details section (emergency contact information, school, adviser information, etc.)
  4. Choose your course(s) and shirt size.
    Note: If you are attending our camp at Drake University you’ll have the option to select housing and a roommate preference.
  5. Acknowledge the terms of service and confirm selections.
  6. After all sections have been reviewed and deemed complete you’ll move to the “Final Steps” whereby you’ll be prompted for payment.
  7. Once complete, select “Pay Now” and fill out the requested information via credit card or Paypal.
  8. After payment has been submitted you are all set.
  9. Now, wait for more great information from the Media Now team and anticipate the summer goodness!


Webster Registration Walk-Thru

Drake Registration Walk-Thru

If you have any additional questions or are having difficulties with the registration process, please contact us: [email protected]