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JULY 6 – 9, 2022


WHO: High School Journalism Students and Advisers

WHAT: Four-Day Bootcamp to Improve Your Journalism Skills

WHERE: Drake University, Des Moines, IA

WHEN: July 6 – 9, 2022

Join us at Drake University in Des Moines, where students and advisers choose a single-track to immerse themselves in the four days. Participate in hands-on projects and showcase them in a campus-wide awards ceremony to cap off our time together. It’s an awesome opportunity to deep dive into that area of interest and hone your skills. No matter what level you arrive with, we’ll push you, encourage and train you to move to the next. 


Editorial Leadership, Writing Essentials and Advanced, Photography Essentials and Advanced, Video Broadcasting, Design, Yearbook, Political Communication, Sports Journalism, Podcasting, Communications Careers, Computer Science and Advising Publications. School Newspapers Online (SNO) will also be there to help staffs with their online news sites.


The registration fee includes food, housing, lab fees and a new wardrobe of sweet Media Now T-shirts. Registration fees are below:

$499 Early Bird (January – April 1, 2022)
$550 Regular Open Registration (April 2 – June 24)
$599 Late Fee (June 25 – July 1, 2022)



$50 Round Trip Bus ticket from St. Louis (if you can get to St. Louis, we can get you to Des Moines)

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Dorm Details

Campers are given the option to stay with us on-campus for an additional fee. Each room has four beds, desks and closet space. The lounges have WiFi, TV, comfy furniture, gaming activities and a kitchenette. Roommates can be requested at the time of registration by the camper or at the direction of their adviser.


Camp Schedule

The Media Now experience is jam-packed with hands-on learning, fun, and experiences. We will create an environment for you to make sweet summer memories, increase your journalism skills and give you the opportunity to meet and learn from some passionate journalists such as yourself.



Students have the opportunity to apply for a full-ride scholarship to camp by submitting an essay to the university advisory panel for consideration during our open application dates. If you already paid your registration fee, you are still eligible for the scholarship and will receive a refund if your essay is selected.


Bus Transportation

We are now offering round trip bus transportation from St. Louis, Missouri, directly to Des Moines, Iowa, for campers attending our summer camp on Drake University’s campus July 6-9. Meet us at the pickup point for check-in and pack your things for an easy ride! There are a limited number of seats available on the bus, so make sure to secure your spot. Bus departs St. Louis at 6:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 6, and departs Des Moines by 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, July 9. The round-trip ticket is $50/seat.

Media Now Drake Class Listing

Editorial Leadership

Instructor: Mitch Eden

The Editorial Leadership classes will reinvent the way you see your digital newsroom and yourself as a leader in it. Students will learn how to run that growing and changing digital newsroom. Plug into this editor/leader development track and gain skills to manage today’s digital newsroom with exposure to new tools that will help infuse the news and information into coverage and workflow. Leave with a knowledge and structure for your own newsroom or section along with at least two practical and applicable digital media elements to implement for the upcoming school year.

Writing Essentials

Instructor: Jordyn Kiel

Looking to get a strong foundation of journalistic writing? This is the class to take. Learn to write like a journalist. In this class you'll go through everything from how to come up with strong story ideas and planning stories to getting great interviews and writing a strong journalistic story. This class will help you get all the tools you need to be a great reporter on your staff next year.

Writing Advanced

Instructor: Jack Kennedy

You know how to write a basic story. You know to get the facts right and the names spelled correctly. But now it's time to move to the next level. In the Advanced Writing class, award winning adviser Jack Kennedy will share with you what he has learned through the years about story-telling, including the difference between articles and stories, how to turn a mundane story assignment into something special and how to organize a major narrative project. Come prepared to do some writing and have some fun.


Instructor: Carlos Ayulo

Whether you’re new to designing pages or want to take your skills to the next level, this course is for you. All levels of designers from any print publication type will benefit from learning the concepts and design principles while gaining practice with the premiere desktop publishing program Adobe offers. This course will include both the basics of InDesign as well as more advanced tools to make your job on staff a bit easier. Good design isn’t really about the software, though — as you learn and practice, you’ll be exposed to important concepts to build your skills and take your ideas to the next level across every aspect of your media program.

Here are some additional design topics we’ll cover in this track:

  • Principles of design
  • Elements of design, including how to create a style guide with color palettes and typography
  • Grids, alignment and structure
  • Content-driven design
  • Trends in graphic design
  • Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tips

Participants will have the opportunity to learn and engage in a variety of ways, including

  • Critique sessions of published designs
  • One-on-one sessions with the instructor on work in progress

Instructor: Sarah Nichols

Geared toward all types and sizes of yearbook programs, this track will help students take important next steps for successful yearbook production. While moving forward with verbal and visual elements to develop the book’s concept, participants also will plan coverage strategies and activities for building a positive staff culture. We also will explore ways students can share online content and use social media tools effectively to engage readers and expand the yearbook experience. In a hands-on, interactive environment, this track will help you plan a yearbook students are excited to buy and the staff is excited to produce. For this class, it’s most beneficial to sign up in groups of 2 or more from your school with a max of 5 from any one school. Seating is limited to the first 10 schools that register.

Sports Journalism

Instructor: Ted Bryant

Our sports writing course brings together writing, social media and the skills to make you great at both. You'll get guidance on how to conduct interviews, cover live events, write effective briefs, game previews, personal profiles and recaps. Dive into some of the best sports reporting available to uncover what tips and techniques were used that you can apply to your own coverage. You'll also get a chance to practice these new found skills and conduct Q&A sessions with practicing sports reporters.

Photography Essentials

Instructor: Kelsey Kremer

Whether you’re new to photography completely, looking to take your skills to a more advanced level or eager to understand why some shots turn out better than others, this class will meet your basic photography needs. Participants will get hands-on training with their cameras — whether it's a fancy DSLR, a smartphone camera or anything in between. We'll learn about exposure based on shutter speed, aperture and ISO while turning good photos into great ones. We’ll also learn composition techniques and experiment with angles and distances to practice journalistic storytelling as well as artistic, creative shoots, and at the same time we’ll make sure everyone understands the photo ethics involved when shooting, cropping and publishing photos for your audience. The course includes practice activities for any experience level and camera type, including how to edit those images with free tools online. Photographers will learn best practices for how to share photos on social media, collaborate with others in your media program (in person or remotely) and manage files for maximum efficiency. Participants will receive a free copy of Skylum's Luminar photo editing program as well.

Photography Advanced

Instructor: Gary Hairlson

Already have a good understanding of shutter speed, aperture and ISO? This class will help take your photography skills to the next level. Participants will work on a variety of skills that go beyond the basics from using light and creating a photo story to advanced compositional techniques and tips for making great photos. Campers will need a DSLR camera to take this course.

Video & Podcasting

Instructor: Chris Snider

If you want to be a successful communicator in 2022 and beyond, you need to develop strong multimedia communication skills. This course will teach you to create audio and video content for your publication. We will explore how to reach your target audience through short-form video, traditional video, live video, audio podcasts and live audio rooms. Students will create content in these formats in class and they will build a plan for how they can use these tools in the upcoming school year. Editing will be done on both phones and computers.

Web - SNO Site

Instructor: Andrea Bell

This web publishing class for SNO customers will be an opportunity to work directly with members of the SNO team to explore the design options that exist within the SNO FLEX theme and to learn about all the possibilities in SNO’s four-story page templates. We’ll discuss strategies and tools for managing your online workflow, and we’ll take an in-depth look at online publishing standards and discuss how your coverage and content can be shaped by the exciting world of online publishing. This class is for SNO customers. If you are not a current SNO customer, this is a great time to sign on and join them at camp to get the training you need for a great site from day one. You can find more information out about SNO and the services they provide here.

Political Communications

Instructor: Jennifer Konfrst

Do you watch "Scandal" and find ways Olivia Pope could do a better job? Are you more intrigued by the politics & communication on "House of Cards" than the murders and mayhem? Do you watch "The West Wing" on Netflix and wish you could be C.J. Cregg? If you can picture a life in politics that gives you the chance to use your communication skills, come spend time with us learning about and doing Strategic Political Communication. We'll spend our time talking about how candidates communicate with voters, what tactics and strategies are used to advocate for policy issues, and learning from political experts about how politics and the media can work together. As the 2020 presidential election approaches, we’ll use the Iowa Caucuses as a case study for how grassroots communications works best. We'll also take the time to try our hand at answering questions at a press conference, writing a campaign speech, and comparing strategies of real-world political campaigns.

Communications Careers

Instructor: Eric Adae

If you like what you're doing in your journalism classroom there are a lot of great options for you to explore for college and life after high school. While working for a newspaper or magazine is an option, there are many others where you can utilize your stills from working in Public Relations or Graphic Design to Social Media and Sports Information. This Media Now course will get you out of the classroom and take you on daily field trips to explore some of the wide-ranging possibilities for you after high school. You'll even get a bunch of ideas from professionals to take back to your own journalism program to help it level up.  

Computer Science

Instructor: Meredith Moore

With the increased role that numeric data is used in the production and distribution of information, data-driven journalism has become a powerful discipline. Learn how to use computer science and data science to create data-driven stories. In this camp, we will spend time learning the basics of how to use Python to analyze datasets to create meaningful insights and visualizations. Other topics that we will touch on are social media mining, web scraping, and sentiment analysis. We will work on developing the technical skills you will need to take your journalism experience to the next level.

Advising Publications

Instructor: Aaron Manfull

The class will be led by Aaron Manfull of Francis Howell North in St. Charles, MO, and give advisers an overview of advising publications in 2022. We will discuss everything from editorial policies and staff organization to introductory journalism courses and training editors. Our goal for this class is to send advisers away with a grasp on effectively managing their journalism classroom. This course is meant to be more of a survey course to give advisers a taste of each of the areas they’ll likely be working with in their converged newsroom. If instructors would like a little more focused direction in one specific area (such as videography), they are encouraged to enroll in one of the other Media Now courses.

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