Recent News Scholarships: Proofreading is for Winners


Posted February 16, 2017

If you’re looking for a way to get to camp and being awarded a scholarship would be of great help in making that a reality, we encourage you to apply.  Just as you would with your publication work, we have a few tips on how to put the polish on your essay. Although we won’t be the team that selects the winner, (we leave that to the professionals at each University) we want you to have the best chance at joining us this summer.

Accurately portraying yourself to the audience in essay form can be challenging, we agree, but it’s the final polishing that can make all the difference. Don’t skip over these important steps before you hit the submit button.

Five steps to a better essay submission:

  1. Read your essay aloud. Does it make sense? Are all of your sentences complete? Was it a cohesive message with a strong opening and closing element?
  2. Read your essay aloud again. Was your grammar usage on point?
  3. Ask your Mom/Dad/Uncle/Aunt/Grandma/Grandpa/Cat to read your essay. Does your essay make sense to them? Are each of the required prompts addressed?
  4. Proofread again for grammatical errors, spelling errors and proper noun usage. Did you capitalize “I” when speaking in first person? (You should, by the way.)
  5. You be the judge and ask “Is this an interesting read? Is this a winning essay?”

Now, go forth and write with confidence. Only a few sentences stand between you and the highlight of your summer! To submit your essay and apply for a scholarship to attend Media Now, click here.